Aries: Mars goes retrograde in your first house Aries, and this transit is going to go from September 9th to November 13th! You may be dealing with lots of personal frustrations and crazy confrontations during this time!  Now since this is your first house of self, you could be more accident prone – be careful with anything mars rules like sharp objects, heavy machinery and vehicles. You could be stubbing your toe more than your usual clutzy self ! This retrograde season, you’ll be as mad as a murder hornet, because Mars in the first means that you are embodying Mars energy! Woof!

If you’ve ever considered taking an anger management course, now may be the time to do it. You could also be getting into more fights with others too now., so don’t forget to take a deep breath and count to ten before you go popping off at someone. Mars also rules your 8th house of shared money – the money you share with your family and boo, as well as the money you get from banks and the government. You may deal with frustrations over money, and your might be extra stressed now, as your efforts to change something may be thwarted.

Mercury enters your 7th house of partnership and consultants on the 6th. This is a good time for signing contracts, and hiring a consultant like a lawyer or counselor. Also a great time for finding a therapist to help you with your anger issues!

Venus enters your 5th house of fun and dating on the 7th. If you’re single, then get on that dating app cuz you got some dating luck now. If your partnered, then enjoy a fun and sexy time with your boo, because this is also the house of boning.

A Full moon on the 2nd lights up your 12th house of your subconscious, sleep and seclusion. You may get some sudden insights from a dream, a meditation, or the bottom of your bong. A helpful sextile from Uranus in the second means you could get some unexpected financial and moral support to guide this new vision. Trippy!

A new Moon on the 17th fires up your 6th house of work and service. This is a great time to start a new cycle of activity at work cuz there’s some helpful trines from Saturn and Pluto in your 10th. That wacky opposition from Neptune though, means that you shouldn’t be quick to sacrifice yourself for the job. Don’t agree to work late until you negotiate that damn overtime, girl!

Taurus: Mars goes retrograde in your 12th house of the collective unconscious and your personal subconscious. You could feel like your toiling in obscurity now, because mars is the planet of drive and it’s hidden in this house! You could be busting your ass on some project which ends up getting lost, cancelled, or disappears somehow. Darn it!

This is also the house of hidden haters so you might run into some beef with someone who you thought was on your side, but is really trying to undermine you. I guess you could describe the 12th  as the house of frenemies too.

You also may be inclined to act passive aggressively towards your boyfriend or girlfriend this month… and  you’re probably being wayyyy more obvious than you think you are when you sulk, cross you arms, and snap back ‘everything’s fine, babe!’ Just try not to be so indirectly bitchy.

This retrograde season could bring you some frustrating dreams and freaky nightmares too because it’s in your 12th.  Take a break from watching Tiger King reruns before bed, or Carole Baskin’s dead husband may haunt your dreams.

Snuggle up Taurus cuz Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your 4th house of family and home on the 7th. Your home is your refuge now! You’ll be getting along with with family and the people you live with. Get cozy, get comfy, and get out chill with your boo.

A Full Moon in your 11t house will light up your friendships or your future dreams. An exciting sextile from Uranus in your first may mean that you will refine your long term goals by taking stock of all your recent personal and political awakening.

A new Moon in your 5th house of fun, games and children gets a confusing opposition from Nebulous Neptune. If you’ve got any kids, then they may not be owning up to something naughty they did. Take away their screen time until your little brats confess! You could also be using your hobbies and games as an escape from the world.


Hey there Gemini! Mars, the cosmic baddie, is going retrograde in your 11th house of friends and goals. During this retrograde season, if there are any groups you are a part of – such a friendship circle or some professional team – then you will have to contend with some ego flare ups from others. Maybe someone in your posse is vying for power to take you out as team leader! Your buddies may get bitchy, and your work colleagues could be poking holes in your master plan. 

Your friend may also be more competitive with you now because Mars is the planet of Numero Uno. So are you a Queen Bee or a Wannabe? Everyone may also be pointing figures in some epic blame game about who started what.  Try to bury the hatchet when you can, while not aiming for anyone else’s skull. Since this is also the house of long term goals, you may experience some frustrations to your ambition which leaves you as mad as a murder hornet,

 Mars also rules your 6th house of work, so you could feel like batting heads with someone on your job, or a group effort at work makes you want to quit the team. Watch your temper if you are dealing with any clients or customers! And don’t get too pissy if things don’t go your way on the job. This is also the house of organization, so you may have trouble finding the right lid for your Tupperware, or the receipts to complete your damn tax return. Konmari would be shaking her head.

Venus, the planet of diplomacy, enters your 3rd house of siblings and communication. If you need to talk your way out of something now, you can be one silver tongued devil! This is a great time for getting along well with your brothers and sisters, instead of indulging in the usual bitter rivalry. 

A Full Moon in your 10th house of work and reputation gets an exciting sextile from Uranus in your 12th of altruism and seclusion. There’s a spotlight on your career right now, and this a great time at work if you need to engage with the public in any way. Some selfless act or service you do may support your reputation or job in some way. Or you may find that the work you do on your own now brings a new and innovative change to your career.

A new Moon in your 4th house means you’re beginning a new cycle of activity in your home, but an opposition from Nebulous Neptune means that your work demands are muddying your efforts. Maybe you’re trying to clean up your apartment, but your job keeps sucking away your time and energy. Two supportive trines from Saturn and Pluto in your 8th means that you’ve got financial or psychological support from those closest to you.

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