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Hi, I’m Julia Mihas, an astrologer and life coach who believes that astrology can utilize the ethereal into something practical. My personal view is that the human experience is a dynamic interplay among free will, destiny and chaos…



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Please watch the video for a quick introduction to me and my website. You can calculate your own birth chart on my Horoscopes page, where you can also watch the latest news for your sign!

What people say about me

Laurence P.
Laurence P.
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I didn't want my conversation with Julia to end. She stayed on the phone with me way longer than she needed to until we had covered everything in my chart and she had answered all my questions. She uncovered parallels between events in my life and my horoscope that left me feeling enlightened and empowered. Julia is especially wonderful at shedding light on emotional and psychological states by showing their connections to astrology. Her passion for astrology is inspiring, and she has wide breadth of knowledge that will help you to delve into your life experience in a truly meaningful way. I really loved that she was easily able to cite celebrities who had the same astrological characteristics as me so I could get an outside view of myself. I can't recommend Julia enough -- you will feel amazing after speaking with her!
Eunace A.
Eunace A.
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I absolutlty LOVED my astrology reading with Julia! She was funny, super relatable and gave me real life examples about situations that was difficult to understand if you weren't an astrologer. Her reading was accurate about aspects of my personality and what I needed from a guy in a relationship. She even made TWO charts beforehand (without me requesting!!) because she thought I was a Capricorn rising instead of descending. Thankfully she did this, because I am actually rising instead of descending! After the end of our zoom meeting, she also texted me saying that I can email her to keep her updated about my situation! This is so nice of her that she still wants to keep in contact even though our meeting was over! Because most businesses just want to stop talking to you after the financial transaction is over. She was extremely generous in time (we ended up talking for 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours) and answered all my questions. I now have more clarity on exploring new career paths and insight on myself! I felt a sense of relief and calm after talking to her. You should book her for your next astrology meeting!
Audy D.
Audy D.@username
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That was a really amazing reading! A whirlwind tour through my chart. It gave me a new perspective as Julia read off all the qualities: unique, interesting, as well as difficult and challenging. I kept laughing in recognition of how much what she was saying about how I experience myself. I really appreciated the way she answered my question about my health by giving me a deeper reading on the vitality in my chart placements as well as the way she laid out my upcoming transits and offered ways for me to use those time periods to my advantage with all the things I want to do. I went from being fairly apprehensive to feeling really lucky, having more trust in my body and feeling optimistic about the next several years. Julia handled my questions very tactfully. Not making predictions but looking at the underlying strengths and opportunities. I have been processing all that information! I feel very complete for now. I have been recommending Julia to friends.